Abu Dhabi - Reem Island (2007).jpg

Najmat Centre - Apartment & Mixed Use

We have completed projects all over the globe including this iconic mixed use facility located in Abu Dhabi, UAE.  This project was 100% designed by Jason Ward.

Abu Dhabi - Commercial Building (2007).JPG

High End - Commercial & Retail

Incorporating local and international design aesthetics our intention was to create a design that was different and unique yet appeals to all.

Abu Dhabi - Reem Island Apartments (2007).JPG

VIP High end & Luxury Shopping

Typical of all our designs we create spaces which are unique, special and serene.  A space and destination where one can truly relax.

Emirates Harbour Shopping.jpg

Night Entertainment & Luxury Shopping

Incorporating local and international design aesthetics ideas whilst picking on local traditions our design amalgamated both worlds harmoniously.

Emirates Harbour Dining.jpg

Abu Dhabi, UAE 2007

Comprising of 300,000m2 of mixed use activity including but not limited to Retail, Commercial and Residential Apartment living which also catered for commercial tenants also.

Abu Dhabi - Apartment Building (2007).JPG

Emirates Harbour, Abu Dhabi (2005)

This design of ours was presented to His Royal Highness and the President of the UAE Sheik Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Emirates Harbour.jpg

Emirates Mariner

Incorporating a helicopter landing pad and luxury yachts, this mariner is truly a spectacle welcoming tourists to the Gulf state. 

Emirates Harbour Esplanade.jpg

High End - Commercial & Retail

Implementation of state of the art infrastructure and bridge design was also a key facet of the overall design noting all elements were designed by Jason Ward.

Emirates Harbour Retail.jpg